What are GMOs?

Unknown-6GMO’s, or Genetically Modified Organisms, have been around since the mid 1990’s.  The Monsanto Corporation introduced them to as a way to reduce the costs of growing and managing large scale crops, such as cotton, corn, soy, sugar beets, and canola.  What Monsanto has done is insert the genes of a bacteria found in the soil called Bacillus Thuringiensis, or Bt, for short, into the genes of the above plants.  This bacteria produces a toxic pesticide.  This pesticide, now a part of the plant,  reduces the amount of pesticide that needs to be sprayed on the plant to keep pests from eating it.  But isn’t this a good thing?

The Problem with Built-In Pesticide

No, it is not.  While most sprayed on pesticides degrade in the sun, or can be washed off, this built-in pesticide does not go away.  Meaning that when we eat it, we are eating this toxin.  The Bt toxin eats away at the esophagus, stomach, and intestines.  This can create ulcers as well as “leaky gut” syndrome.  Leaky gut syndrome are perforations in the lining of the intestines, which allow other toxins or foods to leak out into the bloodstream.  This creates an immune response, and can be the beginnings of autoimmune disease, and food allergies.

The liver and kidneys try to filter Bt toxin out of the body, but can become overwhelmed, and then can itself become impaired by the toxin.  From there, the overflow of Bt toxin stays in the bloodstream and can enter into any organ in the body.  Which then can create any health problem.  From Nutritional Analysis work with people, I have seen GMO’s affect fertility, adrenal function, neurological health, the immune system,  and much more.

The Herbicide Tolerance Aspect

Unknown-3Another frightening genetic alteration that Monsanto has made with these crops is make them resistant to glyphosate, the herbicide commonly known as Roundup.  This means that these crops survive when this herbicide is applied on them, leaving only the surrounding weeds to die.  As a result, glyphosate (another Monsanto product, by the way) is used liberally on these crops, to eliminate any competing plants growing in the same vicinity.  But now super weeds have emerged, weeds that need even more glyphosate to kill them.  So now the crops are extra soaked in glyphosate, a known carcinogen and poison to humans.  In 2012, Monsanto successfully lobbied the EPA into raising its limit on acceptable levels of glyphosate on crops.  So eating GMO foods means that we will be not only ingesting the pesticide-producing Bt toxin, but the toxic herbicide glyphosate as well.

Human Genetic Mutation Potential

Another factor to consider is that GMO foods carry a promoter, which is the part of the DNA that contains regulatory information about how and when the gene is to be expressed.  Genes transferred by genetic engineering must be accompanied by a promotor.  The same promoter that drove in the the Bt toxin into the DNA of the food crop can drive it into the bacteria of your own gut, creating crossed genes.  This can make your own gut bacteria to start producing this pesticide!  A promoter can also switch on dormant viruses, and promote cell mutations that can eventually lead to cancer.

What Foods Have GMO’s?  

Unknown-4Any product with that has corn, soy, or canola in it is GMO with the exception of organic corn, soy, and canola. Many products that have sugar in them, have GMO sugar made from beets, unless it is clearly labelled organic sugar, or 100% cane sugar.  These foods include candy, cereal, cookies, jams, and sweet baked goods.  Corn is in many many processed foods – corn chips, vegetable oil (vegetable oil is usually corn or soy based), corn tortillas, cereals many breads, cornmeal, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, maltodextrin (which is a corn-based filler).  Soy, too is in many processed foods, and this includes soy lecithin, vegetable oil, and  soy protein isolate. Even if we avoid processed foods, if we eat out, we are most likely eating foods cooked in canola or vegetable oil. Mayonnaise is made with canola oil. Most salad dressings are canola or vegetable oil based.   So it is very difficult to avoid GMO foods altogether.

How can we Detoxify our System from GMO foods?

Luckily we can pull GMO foods out of our bodies.  We can counteract them with foods that are filled with enzymes and probiotics, such as sprouts, raw vegetables, and fermented foods.  Detoxifying foods and spices such as okra, radishes, and fenugreek seeds can also pull out GMO toxins. Having a good balance of fatty acids is also helpful, as fatty acids strengthen the cell membrane and make them less permeable to GMO promoters invading.  Foods with fatty acids are avocados, seeds, olive and coconut oil, butter, and ghee.  These foods can also be taken in concentrated supplement form for severe cases.

My biggest advice is to stop eating known GMO foods altogether.  Do not buy corn chips, unless they are organic (and make sure the oil in them is organic as well).  Read ingredients carefully.  Act as if foods containing GMO ingredients have a skull and cross bones on its label, and know they are not fit for human consumption.  As much as you can, cook your own food, but if you can’t, ask the restaurants you frequent the most what type of oil they are using to cook food in. And when you do dine out, avoid eating deep fried foods, such foods are soaked in GMO oil.  By avoiding GMO foods, you will do your body one of the greatest services.

Nutritional analysis can help find which particular foods are creating health issues for you. You can learn more about it here.

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