Joint pain can be caused by injury, overuse, or internal inflammation.  Many people do not realize foods can create inflammation that can actually trigger or worsen joint conditions.  I suggest to people with severe joint pain an elimination diet, that is – to take out the below, and bring them back in 1 at a time after a month, to see what is bothering them.  What are some of these foods?

1. Sugar.  Sugar is the number 1 food that tends to worsen any condition.  Avoiding sugar altogether when a person has joint pain is a good idea.

2. Dairy.  Even small amounts of dairy can inflame joints and nerves. 

3. Eggs. Eggs, like dairy, can have the same effect on joints for some people.  

4. Wheat.  Wheat  is another food that is generally inflammatory for the body, including the joints. 

5. Nightshades. This is a family of vegetables that include peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, and potato.  Nightshades contain a type of acid that sometimes triggers joint pain.  

6. Brown Rice. Brown rice often contains arsenic, that can lodge in the joints and bones and create pain.  I have seen people who eat brown rice on a regular basis over years develop severe arthritic conditions, due to the arsenic in the hull of the rice.  

An easy way to tell what foods may be contributing to joint inflammation is to come to a Nutritional Analysis session.  This can bypass an elimination diet by giving us answers right away.