Headaches can be caused by a number of reasons, but here are some common ones:

1. Cell phones.  The electromagnetic field created by a cell phone can easily create headaches.  This is not just if you are holding a cell phone up to your ear.  Cell phones also create problems from looking at the screen excessively, holding it excessively, keeping it in a pocket, or sleeping with a cell phone on in the room. Be mindful of keeping a cell phone too close to you, switch it off at night, and keep it on airplane mode when you can.  

2. Chemical Toxicities.  These include bleach (like using Clorox wipes), memory foam pillows, pesticides, and other cleaning products.  Chemicals clog up the liver, which in turn can create headaches (in Chinese Medicine, the liver is the responsible organ for headaches)

3. Heavy Metals. While this may sound far-fetched, heavy metals are actually everywhere.  Deodorant contains aluminum,  fish and dental amalgams contain mercury, old paints contain lead.  Heavy metals are definitely responsible for the kind of headaches that people have had all their lives, especially migraines.  

4. Sugar.  Excess sugar can easily create a host of issues in the body, and headaches are certainly one of them.  

An easy way to tell what foods may be contributing to your headaches is to come to a Nutritional Analysis session.  This can bypass an elimination diet by giving us answers right away. Click here to schedule an appointment.