Depression and anger are very commonly felt emotions in our modern world.  In Chinese Medicine, being stuck in these feelings are usually the result of a congested liver.  Yes that’s right, the organ of the liver is actually very responsible for our feelings of well being.  

How does a liver become congested?  The liver is the filter in our body, and environmental toxins can easily burden the liver.  That is why it is important to breathe clean air and eat organic foods.  Nevertheless, there is no way to completely avoid pollution, so naturally the liver can become toxified.  Negative emotions fill the body with adrenaline and cortisol, both hormones which the liver has to filter out as well.  The liver may not be strong enough to filter all of these hormones and pollutants out, which then in turn creates a back up of toxicity, which can create further mood issues.  

One way out of this cycle is to eat foods the liver likes, such as cruciferous vegetables, and dark leafy greens.  A real boost to the liver is adding in herbal supplements such as milk thistle, dandelion, and turmeric, and schizandra berry.  These herbs act as an extra cleansor to a stagnant liver.  

But it’s a good idea to know what is clogging up the liver in the first place.  That is where Nutritonal Analysis can help – to identify the actual toxicity and find out the source.  Acupuncture is very helpful in aiding the liver to let go of these toxins, and help the liver regain balance.  Schedule an appointment today to help you get on the right track.