Over the years I have had patients come in who are concerned about a feeling of tightness in their chest when stressed or during exercise.  Many have had ECG or cardio stress tests to test heart function and blood vessel blockage, but have gotten clear readings.  So what could be causing the chest tightness?

Nutritional Analysis has shown me that these cases are usually liver or thyroid related.  Usually when the tightness presents itself under emotional stress, the issue is the liver is becoming overworked trying to process stress hormones out of the body.  This can sometimes manifest as a feeling of tightness in the chest. The liver is a large organ that partially traverses the chest cavity. In addition the liver, in chinese medicine, is the organ that governs the the constricticing and dilating of blood vessels.  The solution for this is to optimize liver function, so that it processes stress hormones easily.  This can be achieved through liver strengthening or liver detoxifying herbs and foods. 

When tightness in the chest occurs after physical exertion, it is often times due to a weak thyroid.  The body requires a higher output of thyroid hormones when it is engaged in strenuous activity, and an underperforming thyroid can get taxed easily.  From there, 

Nutritional Analysis can help identify what the underlying cause of the chest tightness is, and from there I can give recommendations on what will solve the issue, be it dietary, lifestyle, or supplements.