I have worked remotely with several people over the past couple weeks on coughs, headaches, chest tightness,shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, malaise, and other cold/flu/Covid symptoms.  Hospitals are asking that people with these symptoms stay at home, unless they become much worse.  Some people suspect they may have Covid, but unless they are tested, they don’t know for sure, and even then, the recommendations are the same: stay home and rest.

That being said, there is plenty that can be done to aid the body in recovering faster, whether it is a cold, or the flu, or Covid, or some other viral or bacterial infection.  First and foremost, rest, drink warm fluids, avoid a laptop directly on your lap, and eat warm meals.  If one can go out and get sun, that is also very helpful, as well as staying connected to friends and family.

Beyond that, is there anything else one can do to keep from developing more serious symptoms, other than wait and watch? The answer is yes!   What I have found via remote testing of everyone, is that there are some base level herbs/supplements people are testing for.  These are liver cleansing herbs, such as milk thistle.  No matter what the symptom or issue, liver cleansing herbs helps pull excess inflammation and histamine out of the system, and helps clean the lymph so the body can launch a fresh attack on the pathogen.  So this is something I suggest as a baseline for anyone who is sick, as well as preventatively for people who are well, as cleaning the liver is an easy way to strengthen immunity.

After that, I cannot tell you how much Nutritional Analysis can help beat down these problems.  How? Because it analyzes a person’s body’s individual needs.  Some bodies need more zinc, some need more Vitamin A or C, some need certain anti-viral herbs, some need anti-inflammatory herbs, some need herbs to benefit the lungs.

We can also test for what kind of foods that are affecting the body positively or negatively.  Many people are strongly affected by foods they are eating,  but not realizing are dampening their immunity, or increasing inflammation.

Some people are exposed to too much electromagnetic frequency, others too many toxic metals that are  preventing cold/flu/covid symptoms from improving.  These factors are able to be mitigated. Nutritional Analysis can identify these factors in the first place.

So for people who are feeling unwell, or experiencing any cold/allergy/flu/covid symptoms – there is no need to guess on the herbs, supplements, and foods you need to get healthy again. Use remote Nutritional Analysis to get the right recommendations for your body’s needs.   The power of nutritional analysis can go a long way preventing a more serious illness as well as promoting speedy recovery.