Many people have a persistent slight cough, that they have just gotten used to over the years.  However, now, in the time of Covid, a bit of a cough can garner suspicious and fearful glances.  So now is a better time than ever to discover the roots of why that cough exists, and to work on getting rid of it.


A cough can stem from a variety of reasons.  We can usually find the underlying problem right away via Nutritional Analysis. First we identify the affected organs, and then find what is the stressor on that organ.  Then we can easily find what foods and herbs will clear the issue.  Acupuncture can also be a great help in this department.


One common reason for a cough is post nasal drip.  This is usually a liver issue, actually, that is manifesting via the sinuses.  The liver might be reacting to an incoming food, or environmental allergy, and this sets off a histamine response in the sinuses.  We see this frequently with dairy products.  As for environmental allergies – we usually think of pollen, but here is a hidden one is often a culprit: wi-fi devices.


The lungs of course are another organ that can set off a cough.  Many times toxicities such as asbestos can lodge into the lungs or bronchials, and keep irritating them , producing a cough.  Heavy metal air pollutants are also common.  Both acupuncture and lung and liver detoxifying herbs can take care of this situation.


Another common issue with the lungs are small amounts of old infections – strep, flu viruses, etc, that have not completely cleared.  Pathogens that the immune system has not completely cleared can make a small home in any organ, and not cause huge symptoms, just small ones.  In this case we have to see what will strengthen the immune system in just the right way to gain the upper hand on these hold-out pathogens.


Another common irritant is dead bacteria – this can happen when a person takes antibiotics for bronchitis, etc., which does kill off the bacteria, but leaves a wake of dead residual in the lungs/bronchials.  The body doesn’t always have the ability to clear this out easily.   Usually we need to use pungent herbs and foods such as radishes to disperse the dead bacteria out of the lungs.


Weak kidney/adrenal function can also create a chronic cough.  In Chinese Medicine the kidney/adrenals have the function of pulling qi (energy) downward.  A weak kidney/adrenal system is not grounding the lungs energy enough, and then upward energy (a cough) results.  In this case, we have to fortify the kidneys and adrenals through acupuncture and herbs.


So if you have a chronic or stubborn cough, do not despair! There is something you can do about it, and you will not only have less cough, but feel overall healthier and better in ways you would not realize.