Thyroid disorders are becoming epidemic among women over 35.  Western medicine may say stress or genetics are the causes, but the real reasons are toxic metals and chemicals.  The most common toxicity affecting the thyroid is mercury, found in dental amalgams, vaccines, and fish.  Mercury, which has a similar structure to iodine, blocks thyroid receptors from binding to iodine and creating the proper amount of thyroid hormone.

Other common toxicities that block thyroid receptors are chlorine, fluoride, and tin.  Where there is inflammation from toxicity, opportunistic parasites, yeasts, and viruses – including Epstein-Barr – come in and inflame the thyroid further.  This can create either hyper or hypo thyroid symptoms.  

What are some solutions?  Nutritional Analysis is an excellent method that can be used to identify which toxin is actually affecting the thyroid, and from there, pinpoint how to remove it. 

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