Most people think cognitive decline is inevitable as we age, and there is nothing we can do about it.  Or that genetics are the deciding factor in whether we develop senility or Alzheimers.  But what I have found with my work in Nutritional Analysis, is that both diet and periodic detoxes can prevent and even reverse these declines.

Many of the problems in the brain start with subtle blood sugar and hormonal issues. The brain works best on few fluctuations in blood sugar, and a fair amount of thyroid hormones.   It also likes to avoid excess cortisol – that is stress hormone – levels for long periods of time.

Reducing Sugar and Carbs

How can a person make sure their brain is optimized in these areas?  The first way is diet.  Reducing sugar and simple carbs is a key way to maintain stable blood sugar.  Many experts recommend a high fat ketogenic diet, which keeps the body using fats vs. glucose, to generate fuel for the body.   For those who enjoy complex carbs and fruit in their diet, eating frequent meals or snacks helps ensure blood sugar levels do not dip to low.  This in turn also helps prevent cortisol hormones from becoming too high (as low blood sugar in the body creates cortisol levels to spike).

Another, often unrealized, culprit in blood sugar fluctuations is excess exposure to electromagenetic frequencies such as cell phones, routers, and smart meters.  Minimize exposure to these devices as much as possible, especially at night.  These frequencies disrupt glucose metabolism in the cells, as well as affect electrical activity in the body, and the brain/nervous system is basically made up of electrical circuits.

Periodic Detoxes

Periodically detoxing the body of heavy metals also helps the brain function much better.  Most cases of senility and Alzheimers have a heavy metal component involved.  Sometimes these metals have lodged themselves right in the brain, other times, it is lodged in the thyroid. This affects thyroid hormone levels, which in turn can strongly affect brain function.  In the beginning stages, people will experience this as “brain fog”.

For gentle heavy metal detoxes, I suggest people use wheat or barley grass powder in small amounts daily in addition to  liver cleansing herbs such as dandelion or milk thistle.  But even more effective is to come in for Nutritional Analysis appointment (click here), which can shed light on what is going on with the brain, blood sugar and hormonal organs, and from there identify how best to proceed with food and herbs/nutritional supplements.