Do you find your self wearing a jacket indoors when other people are not?  Or sweaters on a warm sunny day?  This symptom is usually a sign of thyroid insufficiency.  Your thyroid hormones may look ok on a conventional test, but that doesn’t mean it is performing optimally.  What I have found with Nutritional Analysis is that subclinical thyroid disorder is becoming epidemic among women over 35.  

The main reasons for thyroid issues  are toxic metals, over exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (cell phones, routers, smart meters), wheat or egg sensitivities, and fatty acid or iodine deficiencies. For people tackling thyroid issues on their own, my suggestion would be to stop egg and wheat for 2 weeks, take an iodine supplement, incorporate flax seed oil into the diet, and switch off any EMF devices in the bedroom at night.  See if that helps with symptoms such as coldness, or any other thyroid symptoms such as fatigue, constipation, brain fog, or hair loss. 

Nutritional Analysis is an excellent method that can be used to identify which of the above stressors is the issue, as well as any deficiencies in the thyroid that may exist.  From there we can test what supplements and foods will get the thyroid back on track.   Usually feelings of coldness disappear within a month of being on the correct thyroid regimen.  Book a Nutritional Analysis appointment today to find out what health issues are affecting you.