Many women – and men – are suffering from hormonal imbalances. Symptoms include infertility, low libido, night sweats, irregular or painful periods, PMS, erectile dysfunction, and more. Some women have been diagnosed with fibroids (tumors), ovarian cysts, cystic breasts. Blood tests may point to excessively low or high amounts of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, DHEA, and more. But Western medicine has no answers as to why the hormones are out of balance.

Nutritional Analysis can help find the source of the problem and the key organs involved, which are not always obvious. For instance, uterine fibroids may seem like a problem with the uterus, but usually, analysis uncovers a clogged liver as the prime culprit (the liver is responsible for filtering out excess estrogen.) Therefore, the Nutritional Analysis approach would be to detox the liver to reduce the fibroid.

So many hormonal issues are caused by heavy metals, pesticides, and electromagnetic frequencies affecting the endocrine organs combined with trace mineral deficiencies in these organs. By using nutritional analysis, we can find these issues and correct these imbalances. Book your next appointment today.