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Join Srinika at this special workshop where she will be discussing some of the deeper underlying causes of headaches and migraines and how to reverse them using beneficial foods and supplements that support all body systems.

Srinika Narayan:
Hi, I’m Srinika Narayan with Srinika Healing and Nutrition and thank you so much for tuning into this episode of Facebook Live, which is about curing headaches. Headaches are a common thing that comes into the clinic and I’ve seen many hundreds of cases of headaches. Basically I want people to know, headaches are not a difficult thing to treat, they can indeed be solved and you don’t have to live with them and just manage them via Aspirin or migraine medication.

Tonight I’ll be talking about different kinds of headaches and what generally are the underlying causes of these headaches. Through my work with nutritional analysis, I’m able to find out what are common themes with headaches, what are common underlying causes and then some very easy solutions you yourself can do to help get rid of these headaches all together.

We will go right into it and talk about our first kind of headache, which is the most common kind of headache, the behind-the-eyes kind of headache. These kind of headaches are generally caused by something clogging the liver and I know in Western medicine we think, well headache that must mean brain or at least the head. But actually in most alternative forms of medicine including Chinese medicine and including nutritional analysis, headaches are usually thought to be from the liver and when I test people, that is generally the case, it’s their liver is clogged with a variety of things. It could be heavy metals, which are very common. Chemicals such as pesticides or GMO toxicities, perfumes. There’s a whole variety of chemicals out there that can just can get caught in the liver.

People can have food sensitivities in the liver. The liver reacts to certain foods more than others so that’s another factor that can be effecting these kind of headaches. And a big thing that effects these kind of headaches and most kind of headaches, sugar and electromagnetic frequency type of devices such as cell phones, routers, computers and smart meters.

Okay, if you get these kind of headaches, let’s go down the list and see what you can do. First and foremost I tell people really reduce the amount of sugar you’re intaking so this itself can get rid of headaches. The liver is very sensitive to sugar especially as you get older. Second, check out are you sleeping with your cell phone on at night, if so put it on airplane mode or off all together and any laptops or iPads in the room, switch off, don’t let them just be on sleep mode. This is actually a very common cause of headaches. The nervous system needs rest at night and if it’s not getting it because of these electromagnetic frequencies, then what happens it just is on stress mode through the night and doesn’t get a change to rejuvenate the body.

If you get a headache when you wake up in the morning that is usually the case. GMO foods so these foods are canola, soy and corn and these are the big GMO foods, try to avoid these foods, even if they’re organic unfortunately because even a lot of organic versions of these foods are cross-pollinated with the GMO version and so the GMO toxicity can build up in our system. The liver is basically a filter in the body, it’s filtering out these toxicities, but it can get clogged very easily so reduce these foods in your diet.

Things you can do to start help clearing the liver is start eating more vegetables and specifically the kind of vegetables that are very helpful for the liver are greens, such as kale or chard and as well as cruciferous vegetables. This is the family of vegetables that Brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage, all of those foods are specifically very good for the liver and help push out toxicities. You can also try doing a liver cleanse. They sell liver cleanses at stores, they are generally quite safe. You don’t have to worry that it’s going to be too intense. The herbs that are very helpful are milk thistle, dandelion, nettles, all of those are very helpful herbs and intaking them in your system will start to push out some of these toxins in the liver and can in turn help with headaches.

Another thing that bothers the liver, not getting good sleep between the hours of 11:00 PM and 3:00 AM so this is the time in Chinese medicine that the liver rejuvenates and really likes the body to be at rest. If you’re finding you’re getting to sleep at midnight, 1 o’clock, try to go to bed earlier and be asleep by 11:00 PM, so this could mean turning off the computer at a much earlier time. Do what you need to, to get to sleep at that time. See if I’m … Okay great, so those are the behind-the-eyes headaches. The second kind of headache, very common, sinus headaches so basically you’ll know when it’s a sinus headache, your sinus will feel puffy, the sinuses above the eyes or under the eyes. There’s also sinus points behind the head.

If they feel a little bit swollen and inflamed, those are sinus headaches and you’re congested. Things to do for sinus headaches would be number one, just acupressure just on those points, it can start draining those sinuses. Avoiding certain mucous-causing foods when you have a sinus headache such as dairy and eggs. Both of those foods start creating mucous, especially if you’re already stuffed up and can worsen the situation. Things you can do beyond that. Neti Pot, if you have not seen a Neti Pot it’s just a small pot you can fill with saline solution and it’s an Ayurvedic type of method. You just put it in one nostril, it comes out the other nostril and that can be very helpful for relieving these sinus headaches.

If you have a chronic sinus issue and it’s not just once in a way, during allergy season or when you have a cold. If it’s a chronic sinusitis issue, there are ways to cure that as well and so that could be a matter of rinsing on a regular basis with a Neti Pot but also coming in for nutritional analysis, where we can find the underlying issue behind the sinuses. Often times it’s liver again, the liver is clogged and then it starts backing up into the sinus and coming out and again it can be clogged with a variety of things like I mentioned before, heavy metals, chemicals, anything unfortunately can cause the liver to be clogged and the sinuses to back up.

All right, third kind of headache, hunger headaches, very common so this is usually a blood sugar issue. This may happen to everyone now and then, maybe they’ve skipped lunch or skipped a meal and they’re hungry, they don’t have time to eat and they can feel that their head is starting to get kind of woozy but also a little bit of a headache. A solution for this would be really don’t skip meals if you have a tendency to get these kind of headaches and don’t skimp on protein and fat during these meals. Don’t just have a carbohydrate meal because basically what you’ll find is your blood sugar will go up and then go down very quickly and then you’re more likely to get a hunger headache.

If you find you’re getting hunger headaches very easily and it’s not just a here and there kind of thing, well then it is a blood sugar issue, in which case you want to go get your blood sugar checked but also really start changing your diet in terms of what you’re eating and take a look at reducing carbs and increasing fats at each meal. So things like butter or avocado and other fats, olive oil and animal fat at each meal will really go a long way to keeping that blood sugar stable.

Often times blood sugar issues are also a symptom of thyroid disorders so you may want to just have your thyroid checked. So many people these days have a low thyroid or a sub-clinically low thyroid. In nutritional analysis we can definitely work on that and help boost it but for some people, thyroid hormones are very effective at, not sure healing the thyroid but managing the thyroid and keeping the blood sugar stable, is one of the effects of taking a thyroid hormone.

Tension headaches, that’s the next one, so these occur during times of stress. If you’re finding, okay they’re occurring during times of stress, it’s going to be again, the liver, why? The liver is not letting go of stress hormones, cortisol. So again, if you find you’re getting them a lot, take the liver cleansing herbs that I mentioned before. Start eating those liver cleansing foods, the cruciferous vegetables. This will reduce your tendency to get tension headaches. Another good thing you can do for tension headaches, get acupuncture or chiropractic. It really helps quite a bit in terms of these kind of headaches, especially the kind that involve the neck or the [oxitrol 00:10:12] area here. Both of those modalities can really do a lot to help reduce the severity and frequency of these headaches.

Okay now we’re on to migraines, which is kind of its own subject in and of itself, they’re unique headaches. People often times get nausea with it or see auras with it or get dizziness or light sensitivity and they tend to be chronic. Once people get them, they tend to get them over and over and there’s often times a hormonal component too. What I found with migraines, they’re either a live issue or gallbladder issue but migraine medicine treats the brain and it somehow manages the headaches but actually the root problem, the root organ, is usually liver or gallbladder.

Again, the liver cleansing herbs in foods but you can also add in gallbladder cleansing foods so this would be things like beets, beet greens, artichokes, they all help the gallbladder get rid of old bile. The trouble is that bile can get very, very sludgy and cause problems or there can even be stones there. Common causes of this issue, heavy metals is a big one for migraines and often times mercury can get stuck in the liver and gallbladder and then go on irritating those organs and those organs start to create symptoms and often times migraines are a symptom.

The hormonal component, many times women get migraines just before their period so the liver also gets rid of excess estrogen in the body so if it’s already clogged, it has a tough time getting rid of the excess hormone and there’s excess hormone right during that time of the month so then it can basically create these headaches. Again, clean out liver, clean out gallbladder and these things can be very, very helpful.

Okay if you have any questions, please just ask as we go along. One final thing for people who do get frequent headaches, it’s not only just liver and gallbladder, thyroid is often times involved in migraines, sorry. This is usually just because the thyroid towards the end of the day, might start getting tired, exhausted. It’s not able to keep the circulation, the metabolism up that well and then a lot of fluid backs up in the brain. It’s not something you can see, where your head swells but basically it’s just very subtle and that can create migraines. Again, you can get your thyroid checked or come in and we can check if it is your thyroid, we can work on it. It’s basically the same as working on the liver of working on the gallbladder, we just find the root cause and work on that.

Okay, great so I’m going to give you some general suggestions for all kinds of headaches. Number one, avoid sugar. Number two, avoid alcohol. Number three, limit electromagnetic frequency devices. Again don’t put computers on your lap, don’t put cell phones in your pocket when they’re on. Don’t sleep with the cell phone on, put it on airplane mode and any computers, iPads, laptops put it off, not on sleep at night. Find out where your smart meter is, that’s PG&E’s electric meter.

This is something that people don’t know much about but is causing a lot of havoc with a lot of people in terms of health and headaches are definitely one symptom. So if you have a smart meter, which is the round PG&E meter, right outside your bedroom or living room, or if you have a few smart meters below you in the garage, it can create a lot of problems. Find out where they are and there is ways to block them. You can just look online for smart meter blockers but it’s a good idea for you to know where they are so that you’re not a victim to it.

Herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion, very helpful for many headaches. Acupuncture and chiropractic are super helpful for headaches and then if you’re still doing these things, you’re finding okay the headaches are still sticking around, well then it’s something stubborn that is in the system that just needs to be looked at and that’s where I suggest coming for a nutritional analysis, we can find out exactly what it is. Sometimes it is heavy metals, which needs special care in pulling them out but it works very, very well for all these different kinds of headaches.

Okay well great, so now I’m going to demo how does nutritional analysis actually work so I’m going to have my office assistant who for the sake of this demo, is a patient who is coming in with a headache. Basically I want to see hey, what organ is involved with this headache and what can we do with it. All right Reese, you can lie down. All right. Nutritional analysis uses a method called muscle testing or applied kinesiology. Many practitioners use this in different ways and this is the way nutritional analysis uses this particular modality. Okay you can put your arm up in the air so I’m going to have her resist my pressure. I’m going to be pushing down and she’s pushing that way.

Okay her arm is very, very strong. Great. Now what I’m going to be doing is touching different organs while pushing on her arm. Where there’s an organ that is weak or imbalanced in relation to these headaches, her arm is going to drop. Why will that happen, because that organ is weak, it doesn’t like the pressure of my hand on it. It’s going to send energy to protect that organ, it’s going to take energy from her hand and her arm will basically drop so that’s how I’ll know that’s the organ that’s involved. Okay let’s go ahead so Reese has come in, she has headaches every few weeks. Let’s find out what’s going on.

All right so we start with the brain. Okay. I’m pushing on her arm, her arm isn’t dropping. Okay these headaches aren’t coming from her brain. 90% of headaches, 95% of headaches do not actually originate in the brain even though it feels like it. All right is it her sinuses? Okay is it her thyroid? No. Is it her lungs, her heart? Is it her liver? Aha, okay as I touch her liver, this arm drops. What’s going on her liver, there’s something going on, it’s unhappy. It’s creating the headaches, when I touch it, it doesn’t like my touch so it’s drawing her own energy to it to protect it and when it does that, her arm loses energy and her arm drops.

Okay great so we’ve isolated Reese’s headaches are coming from her liver. Now generally in my clinic what I do I have a whole bunch of different vials and I find out very specifically using this method, what is it bothering her liver? Is there a food sensitivity, is there a chemical toxicity, is there a heavy metal? We’ll find out very specifically and then I can make suggestions from there. We’re going to just for the sake of this demo, skip that part and find out, well what will help this liver? Of course I would tell her, “Hey eat the liver clearing foods.” but a lot of times people need a little bit extra in terms of some stronger things to help the liver such as herbs or concentrated food supplements.

We’re going to try a couple of things. All right, so here’s something called detox. It’s for the liver and it has several herbs in it, it has milk thistle, it has tumeric, it has dandelion. Let’s see if this will help her liver, which in turn will help her headaches so I’m putting this on her. The energy of the herbs inside is hitting her body and now I’m testing hey, is that helping her liver? Darn, no this isn’t the one. Her liver stayed weak so it’s telling me, “No, that’s not really going to help me.” so okay I have other liver supplements. Let’s try LivCo so LivCo is also herbal. It has milk thistle again but now this one has rosemary and it has Schisandra berry, all very good for cleaning out the liver.

Let’s try this so as I put this on, okay and now let me touch the liver. It’s staying very, very strong, I’m pushing down and it’s staying very strong. Okay, wonderful so her body is saying, “Hey this will help the liver and this will start clearing out those headaches. As the liver clears out, the headaches won’t be as prominent.” Okay thank you very much. That’s it for the demo and that’s how nutritional analysis works in a nutshell.

It’s basically using the body’s own energy to tell us the answers and once we know, hey, this is what’s going on, these are the underlying causes, then it’s very easy from there to find out solutions. All these solutions are non-toxic and work. They are not just simply managing headaches, they are actually getting rid of the cause of the headaches so that people are better for life after the cause has been handled. All right well thank you so much for tuning in. If you know someone who suffers from headaches, please feel free to forward this video or have them contact me. I’d be happy to help. Thank you.

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