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Join Srinika at this special workshop on Facebook Live, where she will be discussing some of the hidden underlying causes of chronic pain and how to reverse them using beneficial foods and supplements that support all body systems.

Srinika Narayan:

Hi, I’m Srinika Narayan. Welcome. Tonight we are going to be talking about causes and solutions to chronic pain. So, I’m an acupuncturist as well as a person who does something called nutritional analysis, and I see a lot of chronic pain cases in my clinic. So through my work I have a lot of insights into what can go into causing chronic pain, and what can actually help.
So many people with chronic pain have tried things like chiropractic or physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, manual therapies basically, and have found that they haven’t gotten lasting relief. So what I found through my work with nutritional analysis is that there is some underlying causes that can keep pain at play, and usually these causes are inflammation due to a variety of factors. So tonight I’m going to be talking about what are those factors, and what can we do to get rid of chronic pain?

So generally there are a couple kinds of pain. So one kind of pain actually starts with an injury or repetitive stress on an area, and usually those things are easy to fix with a manual therapy. They go away. But if it stays and it just keeps staying and it just doesn’t go away, generally that means that there is some kind of internal inflammation that is preventing that pain from healing. Sometimes people get pain without it being from an injury or a repetitive stress or anything like that, and it just kind of turns up out of the blue. Those cases are just straight out from inflammation in the body from something they ate or something they were exposed to, and it goes and it effects the system and then it manifests as some kind of musculoskeletal pain. But the issue really isn’t musculoskeletal. It’s internal and we have to do some detective work to find out what it is.

So I’m going to go through different kinds of pain and common causes of these pains when they’ve become chronic or stubborn, and we’ll find out what can actually help these issues. So I’ll start with the most common kind of pain, which is lower back pain. So with lower back pain, and when it’s become chronic, it’s important to determine okay, is it central near the spine or on both sides? Or is it more on one side or another? So if the pain is central or located on both sides, that usually means that the spinal cord is inflamed and that inflammation is fanning out to the muscles.

What can inflame a spinal cord? So, many causes, but I’ll tell you the top ones that I have found. Now, in my previous lectures you’ve probably heard me talk about heavy metals. Indeed, heavy metals are the biggest cause of chronic back pain, especially mercury. So basically, mercury loves the nervous system and can get caught in the spinal cord and just sit there and inflame it. So a lot of times people will suddenly throw their back out maybe after a week of eating a lot of fish, and they don’t know it’s mercury that’s caused the issue, but when I do the testing for nutritional analysis, I know that yes, it’s mercury and we have to do something to pull it out. So generally I suggest when people are going to eat fish, especially larger fish like tuna, even salmon, to take something with the fish. To take a charcoal pill or a clay pill with the fish. Both of these substances bind to mercury and help prevent them from getting stuck in the body.

Another common cause of back pain is excessive exposure to electromagnetic frequency devices. So this could be sitting with a laptop on your lap, which is very close to the spine, and all of that EMF energy can go directly into the spine and create inflammation. Sometimes people keep their cell phone in their pocket when they’re walking around, whether it’s their front pocket or their back pocket. This also easily disrupts the spinal cord and the nervous system. It can results in sciatica, when people get nerve pain down one side of the leg. So I generally tell people be aware of where you’re keeping your cell phone when you’re walking around. Walk around with it, preferably with a bag, or if you’re walking around for a long period of time, switch it off or on airplane mode. It will save your back and all the organs around there a lot of wear and tear.

Third, a whole bunch of chemicals can easily get caught in the nervous system. One of the big ones that love the nervous system and spinal cord is artificial sweeteners and flavor enhancers. So this is like, aspartame, diet drinks, gum often times has artificial sweetener. Mints have a lot of artificial sweetener. So be aware of taking too many of these. In fact, I generally suggest don’t do any of these kind of things because it’s easy that it just builds up in the system. So there are ways to get it out though. Once we can find out what it is, then we can basically test for what will start getting this out of the system. So I talked about mercury and clay and charcoal. With chemicals, especially with artificial sweeteners, I generally test for things like liver cleansing herbs such as milk thistle or garlic, burdock root. Very helpful for just clearing things out of the liver. Once your liver gets clear, then the spinal cord and the nerves start to detox themselves and can let loose some of these toxins that have stored up in it.

So these are some very basic causes of back pain. Neck pain also, very similar stuff. Mercury … people will wake up one morning with their neck out. They think it’s because they slept funny. Often times it’s because they had some tuna the previous night and in the morning, boom, it went and sat in the neck. GMOs play a big part in chronic pain, especially neck pain, and this is corn products, canola oil, soy products. It may not even be something you are consciously eating, but if you go out to eat they’re cooking in these oils and then it can get in the system, especially if you’ve had a lot of greasy food, greasy meals in a row. All this oil gets in the system and can create problems.

Alright, anything I missed? Coffee. So, generally people are okay with coffee. One cup a day. But if they go over that, sometimes problems can happen. And coffee might not actually cause the problem but oftentimes excess coffee can exacerbate an issue. So generally I tell people “Okay, if you have a pain, don’t do any more coffee than you’re used to. Don’t do that afternoon cup that you may do here and there. Just avoid that, because that’s going to just inflame these nerves even more.” And of course sugar. Sugar just exacerbates every problem, and so if there is any pain in the system just completely avoid sugar. It makes a big difference.

Okay. Alright, another sign to pay attention to is when is the pain happening? Is it more at night that you’re feeling the pain and can’t quite sleep? Or do you wake up with the pain? There’s usually two causes of this kind of pain that you feel either at night or when you wake up in the morning. So like I talked about, electromagnetic frequencies. Do you have any cell phones on in the room? Do you have any laptops on? IPads on? Even if they’re on sleep mode, it’s still creating an electromagnetic field that is going to bother the nervous system. So if you have any of these devices on in your room at night, switch them off and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel both at night and also when you wake up in the morning. So that’s one cause of the kind of pain that happens at night, or early in the morning.

The second cause is parasites. So a lot of times people do have parasites in their system. It’s just a matter of them not getting out of control. But if you have too many parasites in the system, well, they’re active at night, so that’s when they can really cause havoc. And I know we think of parasites just sitting around the intestines and in the gut. That’s simply not true. They can be hanging out anywhere. They can be hanging out in the nervous system or any area of pain. So if that is happening to you, of course I wouldn’t suggest just treat parasites by yourself, but keep it in mind this can be an issue, and you can come in or see someone qualified to test for it and start taking care of it and you can feel much better.

Alright, I’m going to talk about another big thing I see. Shoulder and elbow pain. Usually in the form of tendonitis. So it’s very easy to get tendonitis if you play tennis, if you do anything repetitively, weightlifting, the tendons can get frayed very easily and create inflammation. However, it should be easily fixable. For example, acupuncture should be able to get rid of it in just a few weeks. But what if it doesn’t? What if it continues for months and months and you’ve stopped that activity and you’re getting therapies for it? Well then it’s usually a cause of something in the system that’s inflaming the system. So usually shoulder issues and the elbow tendonitis are results of something not great happening in the liver or your gallbladder. Usually it’s a toxicity buildup and then the liver can’t function as well as it wants, and it gets inflamed.

When the liver or gallbladder gets inflamed, what happens is it starts to expand. I mean, the liver itself doesn’t expand, but the inflammation expands and it starts effecting either shoulder. Another thing, the liver is very responsible for the health of the tendons, so if the liver is a little bit unwell then it’s not able to properly nourish the tendons with blood and keep the tendons strong and healthy. So generally tendonitis anywhere is often a liver issue, and in shoulder issues and elbow issues especially are from the liver.

So what can you do? There’s so many liver cleanses out there and they’re all very helpful. They have herbs like I mentioned. Burdock root, milk thistle, you know, there’s many different herbs that help clear the liver. Turmeric. And they can be very helpful for just pushing out whatever is clogging the liver. You know, you may not necessarily even have to find out what it is. It’s just we are absorbing all kinds of toxins all the time just from our daily life, and our liver, it’s a filter, and it has to filter out all of this. It’s not surprising that some of these toxins get stuck in the liver and just need a little extra support in pushing it out.

I’d also suggest increase your vegetable intake, and certain vegetables are better than others, so the vegetables that I recommend are in the cruciferous family such as kale or cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, all these are very helpful for cleaning out the liver. Excuse me. Just need some water. Okay. Next, are joints. So joint pain, very common, either osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or just joint pain without it being called arthritis. So the joints are basically where the bones meet, this capsule. And with pressure put on this, if it starts to hurt, that’s what joint pain is.

So there’s different organs associated with different areas of the body and different joints. So if you’re having hip pain or knee pain, it’s usually an issue that’s associated with the kidneys or the adrenal glands. So if you’re finding the joint pain is worse after working a long time or when you’re tired, it’s usually the adrenal gland is a little bit weak and overtaxed and the way to help that is to of course get more rest, reduce sugar, eat more protein and fat, and take adaptogenic herbs such as ginseng or rhodiola or ashwagandha. Very good herbs, you can find them at any health food store. They just boost the adrenals so the adrenals are just fulfilled each day. They don’t overwork and they don’t feel tired and result in the knee or hip pain.

Kidneys also can create knee or hip pain, and kidneys, just like the liver, they’re a filter. So they too can get caught up with any kind of junk basically. The same herbs that are helpful for the liver are also helpful for the kidneys, and green vegetables in general, very helpful for cleansing out the kidneys, and of course filtered water can help filter out things that get caught in the kidneys. Kidneys are also associated with ankles and feet, so any kind of feet problems, toes, ankle issues, then think kidneys and think “Okay, how am I going to clear out the kidneys?”

You know, general joint pain for men, when men are getting pains just in random spots, this is usually a prostate issue, so you can get your prostate checked, but you can also just assume the prostate is kind of like a sponge for toxicity, and what to do about it is, again, the liver clearing herbs. When you clear out the liver, the prostate clears out too. But just keep it in mind if you’re getting all kinds of … if you’re a man, you’re getting all kinds of random aches and pains and you’re getting older. It is often times a sign of an unhealthy prostate.

Another cause of arthritis is actually in the bones itself. Toxicity in the bones, heavy metal toxicities, especially lead, arsenic and cadmium. These three heavy metals tend to mimic calcium in the body, so when you get exposed, what happens is the bones kind of suck up these metals and they kind of think it’s calcium and they take it in. But then as you get older the bone structures shed, and as they start to shed, they release these heavy metals and then these heavy metals, they’re toxic and they get into the joint spaces, and the body is very inflamed. It doesn’t like lead in the joints or cadmium in the joints, and it starts sending out inflammatory signals, and then it’s very easy to get joint pain from that.

When that happens, I generally suggest … you’re not going to know that’s happening, but that’s what I find in practice a lot. But having seaweed in your diet is very helpful because seaweed binds very well to these three metals, and I definitely recommend Atlantic seaweed, not Pacific seaweed because of the radiation in the Pacific. Another common cause of joint pain these days is in fact radiation. Radiation from Fukushima. There’s radioactive strontium that Fukushima has released a ton of, and it’s in the water, in the air, and now is hitting us basically. And it too mimics calcium, so again the bones take it in, but then they start letting it out and the strontium gets in the joints and can cause a lot of problems. Again, seaweed is very helpful. Atlantic seaweed helps start pulling that out.

Okay, great. So if anyone out there has questions, please ask, otherwise I’m going to go ahead and just demo how I can figure out what I figure out and how to know what to do about it. Alright, well I have my assistant [Reese 00:16:33] here who … let’s see, you can lie down this way. I’ll pull this back a bit.


Srinika Narayan:
Okay, so Reese is coming in and she has shoulder pain on her left side here, and she’s tried massage, she’s tried physical therapy, she’s tried chiropractic, we’ve done some acupuncture. It’s not budging. These tendons, they’re just inflamed. She’s not playing tennis anymore. She’s really giving it a good rest, but it’s not going away. So let’s find out, is the problem really because of these tendons in her shoulder? Or is it due to another organ?

Okay, Reese, if you could put this arm up in the air. Alright, so what I’m going to be doing is asking her to meet my pressure. Okay, so she can meet it quite well. So now I’m going to touch this shoulder and push on her arm, and as you can see, her arm drops. So what’s going on there? As I touch an area that is injured or inflamed, basically her body doesn’t like it and it’s sending energy to go and protect this shoulder. So as it does that, it’s stealing energy from the arm, and her arm is dropping.

So okay, we know … she knows anyways, there’s a problem in her shoulder. But is that the main issue? Well let’s check some other organs and see if the issue is coming from another organ. Alright, so like I mentioned, we can look at something like the adrenal glands. Nope. And I’m pushing. That didn’t drop. The kidneys. Nope. And how about the gall bladder? Nope. And how about the liver? Aha. So her liver is also responsible for this shoulder issue.

So now we’re going to ask, “Hey, is the problem coming more from the shoulder or more from the liver?” Is it coming from the shoulder? No. The problem’s not coming from the shoulder, even though she’s feeling it in her shoulder. It’s coming from her liver. Okay, great. So now we’ve ascertained that, and in my clinic I have a bunch of different vials I use to find out what is bothering that liver. Is there perhaps a food sensitivity? Maybe she’s eating too much sugar. Maybe dairy, we don’t know, but I can find out. I can also find out are there heavy metals in the system? Are there chemicals in the system? I can narrow down what exactly it is that’s bothering her liver, and then from there it’ll give me some ideas as to what kind of advice to give her and if she needs some sort of herb or supplementation I can advise her on that too.

So we’re going to skip that part, but I’m going to just basically try out a couple of basic supplements that help clean out the liver. So even if I didn’t know what it is, we know it’s the liver, and there’s so many good things out there that help the liver, so we’re going to see if we can just clean it out enough that it helps her shoulder. Alright. The first thing I’ll try is something called Livaplex. So this is a nutritional supplement with many different foods in it. It’s got some radish in it, it has some moss in it, it has some beets in it, and different foods that help clear out the liver.

So I’m going to put this on her, so the energy of this nutritional supplement is touching her body, and now I’m going to find out, okay, does that strengthen her liver? And no, in fact it does not. Her arm still is staying weak, indicating okay, the liver is not that wild about this. Okay. No problem. There’s 10 other things I can try. For the sake of this demo I’ll just try this other one. LivCo. Very basic herbal supplement. It’s got rosemary, milk thistle and schizandra berry. All these three herbs are very good for cleaning out the liver. Let’s see if her liver likes it.

Okay, and I put that on so it’s touching her, and now I press the liver and press on her arm, and okay, her arm is staying very strong, which means her liver is going to like this supplement. From there I can test, okay, just using that to clean out the liver, is that going to help her shoulder? And it stays very, very strong when I touch her shoulder. Great. So again, without this we touch her shoulder. It’s weak. We touch her liver, it’s weak. But with this touching her, her body knows. It’s indicating to us “Yes, this will really help.” Her liver is strong and her shoulder is strong. So we can get a dosage of this and have her take it for a few weeks, and most likely she will notice that yes, her shoulder is in fact improving. And all that manual therapy that she got done on it, it wasn’t helping because the problem wasn’t necessarily right in her shoulder, it was her liver that was inflamed and then radiating out to her shoulder and effecting her tendons. So yeah, thank you very much.

Great, well thank you so much for tuning in. If you have questions, if you’re watching this later and you have questions, please just post them and ask and I’ll be happy to answer them. And stay tuned next month. I will be talking about … goodness, what is my next topic? Well I’ll be talking next month about another topic, and I hope you tune in then, and thank you very much.

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