Many people live with chronic pain – in their back, in their joints, in their nerves, or elsewhere in their musculoskeletal system. Pain medications only mask the issue for so long. Many people have also tried therapies such as chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage, but nothing has helped for any prolonged amount of time.

Here is the secret: many of these cases have underlying causes other than just musculoskeletal. I know to look a bit deeper to find the root cause. There are several possibilities: food sensitivities, chemical or heavy metal burdens, overexposure to electromagnetic devices, or hidden immune challenges. Heavy metals are indeed very common causes of chronic pain, we are exposed to them more often than we realize – via fish, leaky dental amalgams, vaccines, old lead paint, air pollutants, etc. And where there is toxicity, opportunistic viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeast set in and create more inflammation.

I have worked with countless people on chronic neck and back pain that were simply caused by an accumulation of mercury in the spinal cord, often times by eating high mercury fish too frequently. By using nutritional or herbal supplementation to slowly pull the heavy metal out of the system, people have found their pain actually goes away completely – not just for a short period.

Acupuncture and nutritional analysis can help address these issues, with the latter getting to the root of what’s causing them. Once these challenges are dealt with, the pain resolves.

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