In Western Medicine, skin issues are often treated topically with steroid creams, or internally with antibiotics or symptom suppressing medications. Many times these approaches do not actually heal the issue permanently.

Nutritional Analysis can be a very effective method for identifying the underlying issue causing skin flare-ups. With most skin issues, including eczema, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea, the problem resides is one of the internal organs, often times the liver, lungs, kidneys or spleen. These organs are trying to push toxicity and resulting inflammation out via the skin.

These toxicities can be heavy metals, chemicals, electromagnetic frequencies, or inflammation from foods, especially dairy products. The toxicity creates an atmosphere where yeasts, parasites, and bacteria can thrive, and they too can add to the skin issues. (This is why antibiotics sometimes can clear skin issues up temporarily. The bacteria comes back however, if the toxicity isn’t cleared.)

I have seen nutritional analysis do wonders on every type of skin issue – the secret is finding and detoxing the problem stressors in the body. Book an appointment here.

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