Fatigue is one of the most common issues that people come see me for. Both acupuncture and nutritional analysis can help greatly with this issues. Acupuncture can move stagnant energy in the body, and strengthen the organs. Nutritional Analysis can identify biochemical stressors on the body that can contribute or cause fatigue. These stressors include heavy metals, food allergies, or excess electromagnetic frequency exposure.

Many people associate fatigue with the adrenal glands. However, what I have found in my practice is that fatigue is far more often due to a sub-clinical thyroid issue, especially in women. Food sensitivities often play a role as well– such as those to sugar and gluten.

Addressing fatigue is one of my specialties, and I have helped many people overcome it, with just targeted detoxing and nutritional and herbal support. Click here to schedule a Nutritional Analysis or Acupuncture appointment.

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