Many people these days, especially women over 40, are struggling with thyroid issues. Unfortunately, the standard western medical approach for hypothyroidism is just to give replacement thyroid hormones, instead of actually healing the thyroid so it can create its own adequate hormones. For cases of hyperthyroidism, the treatment is even more drastic: to radiate or surgically remove the thyroid. Are there really no alternatives? There are.

Here is the secret: the thyroid is an extraordinarily sensitive organ, to any kind of toxicity. Nutritional Analysis can identify these burdens, and properly address the issue. Many toxic substances mimic iodine, and then attach to thyroid receptors. The most common is mercury., often times from fish or childhood vaccines. Another stressor on the thyroid is overexposure to electromagnetic devices, such as the wifi router, or cell phone.

And where there is toxicity, pathogens arise, such as viruses, yeasts, parasites and more. This can sometimes give rise to an autoimmune condition in the thyroid, such as Hashimoto’s. Nutritional Analysis works well to identify supplements that will clear the toxicity, as well as aid the body in mounting a successful attack against the pathogen. All while protecting the thyroid against further inflammation. Once the pathogen has cleared the system, the thyroid can repair itself and function properly again.

Thyroid issues are one of the most common problems I see in my office. People can come in at any stage – whether they are sub-clinical and just have some symptoms of thyroid problems, or they are on a high dosage of medication or thyroid hormone already. Either way, we work on actually repairing the organ, so it can function normally again.

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