Many times we attribute mental and emotional unease to life stressors, childhood issues, existential angst, or genetic predispositions. We often believe that the only thing that will help is psychotherapy or medication. And while therapy can be very helpful, and medication may provide relief, we may want to examine some very real physical reasons behind why depression/anxiety is occurring. Certain biochemical stressors on the body can contribute or even cause mental illness. These stressors include heavy metals, food sensitivities, or excess electromagnetic frequency exposure.

Acupuncture and nutritional analysis can help address these issues, with the latter getting to the root of what’s causing them.

I have seen many cases of anxiety get much better simply by moving a wi-fi router out of the bedroom. I have seen depression fade away by prescribing herbs for the liver (an organ very much involved with depression) that pull away heavy metal and other toxic burdens.

Many people are also interested in reducing or getting off antidepressants, and both acupuncture and nutritional analysis can help greatly with that.

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