“No ringing in my ears”

I had a dry flaky scalp, would get boils from time to time, frequent ringing in my ears, digestive issues, excessive gas, and allergies. Now I have no boils, digestive issue are rectified, allergic reactions are a lot more manageable, head is a lot less flaky, and no ringing in my ears.

– D.E.

“My work productivity is back to normal”

I had an itchy rash condition that had spread to most of my body over 3 months, plus an ache in a vein close to my knee. It was difficult to get to sleep. I’d wake up itching in the night, and the itching interfered with my work productivity. I had to apply ice packs all over my body to control the itching. I had gone to a naturopathic physician who diagnosed the condition as hives and gave me some supplements to treat it, and a”healer” who “cleared” a few things she had diagnosed as possible causes. Nothing helped. But after seeing Srinika the itching is 95% gone! It happens mostly at night around bed time, sometimes upon awakening, but goes away when I apply a soothing cream. Ice packs no longer necessary. Just a few hives are left in several spots. The vein ache is gone; it just itches occasionally. And my work productivity is back to normal. I am very grateful.

– H.D.

“My daughter’s rash began to improve”

My five year old daughter had a very red and inflamed rash around her mouth and eyes that would not heal. After taking my daughter to her pediatrician and then dermatologist I found out it was a common rash for children her age. However, the dermatologist reported they were not sure what caused the rash and offered to prescribe oral antibiotics for six weeks to eliminate the rash. Srinika offered to do Nutrition Response Testing to diagnose why the rash was occurring. She was then able to find a homeopathic remedy to treat my daughter’s rash. Over the course of a few weeks, my daughter’s rash disappeared and has not returned. I think the Nutrition Response Testing is a great option for parents who do not want to use medication to treat their children’s medical issues that can be dealt with in a less intrusive manner.

– E.M.

“Srinika has changed my life!”

I came to visit Srinika initially for acute neck pain, as I was new to San Francisco and had previously only found relief through acupuncture. Not only did she provide immediate relief for my neck spasms through acupuncture and targeted bodywork, she was further able to unravel and successfully treat imbalances and underlying complications in my body.

– L.O.

“No ringing in my ears”

I had a dry flaky scalp, would get boils from time to time, frequent ringing in my ears, digestive issues, excessive gas, and allergies. Now I have no boils, digestive issue are rectified, allergic reactions are a lot more manageable, head is a lot less flaky, and no ringing in my ears.

– D.E.

“I now am headache free!”

I had weekly headaches that caused me to stay home from work or be unable to function. Nutrition Response Testing identified fake sugars may be triggering the headaches. I stopped consuming all fake sugars and can immediately see the improvement. Thank you!

– K.D.

“After seeing Srinika, my migraines improved”

I have chronic migraines and at that time I was having long lasting migraine (about 1.5 months), which wouldn’t stop. I don’t have them as much as I used to. They are short lasting and usually go away very quickly. At this moment I have been migraine free for more than 2 weeks!!

– Z.L.

“My migraines have noticeably improved”

Before I came in to Srinika Healing, I suffered of very bad insomnia and migraines. My insomnia is now completely cured. Srinika’s nutrition advice and acupuncture helped me regulate my hormones and all the symptoms that were bothering me were significantly reduced. – A.

– A.

“I feel much lighter in my abdomen, and stronger in my digestion”

I was feeling bloated every day, without knowing exactly why. I experienced constant heaviness in my abdominal area, difficulty digesting almost all foods. I don’t experience the bloating as long as I avoid certain foods that Srinika helped me identify were causing the bloating. 

– M.T.

“Digestion has improved”

I felt tenderness in the liver and solar plexus area and and had digestive issues. Digestion has improved and liver tenderness and stomach tension are much lessened.

– J.O.

“My abdominal pain and inflammation have noticeably improved…”

I suffered abdominal pain and inflammation since I have endometriosis. My abdominal pain and inflammation have noticeably improved until the point that my quality of life is not affected any more.

– A.

“I feel healthy again!”

I was very stressed. Now after several treatments with Srinika I feel healthy again! I sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed, and my energy is high and steady. I feel like I’m back to my positive, happy outlook. Stress doesn’t affect me as easily as before the treatments.

– E.T.

“Now my allergies are all gone”

I would have watery, teary eyes, bloody noses, stopped up nose. I would take medication every day for my allergies. After a certain point the medication would stop working. Now my allergies are all gone. No more watery, teary eyes, stopped up nose, or nose draining or bleeding from my nose.

– R.G.

“I have much better energy throughout day”

I had low energy throughout the day. I always wanted to take a nap or felt the need to drink coffee. Sleep was inconsistent; sometimes difficult to fall asleep, sometimes waking in the early morning and finding it difficult to fall back asleep, often with dry mouth. After eating wheat, I’d often have flu-like symptoms the next day. Lungs burning when jogging after 2-3 minutes. Now I have much better energy throughout day. Rarely drink coffee in the afternoon. Sleep improved overall, but still have some difficulty. I haven’t had a gluten reaction in months and have been eating it on a fairly regular basis. I can jog about 20 minutes with only minimal discomfort.

– J.U.

“Changes were quick and consistent”

I had systemic pain — severe fatigue. I felt like my overall health was diminishing quickly. My hair hurt! But now after seeing Srinika my vitality is back! Strength is improving. I’m able to exercise. I still experience pains here and there but nothing compared to when I first came to see Srinika. Changes were quick and consistent.

– R.R.

“My skin is now almost completely back to normal”

I first came to see Srinika because I was having a flare up of eczema worse than any I’d had in at least twenty years. Suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere my eczema flared up on my face and all over my body. I felt extremely frustrated by the response from my doctor and dermatologist, who essentially told me there was no way to know what was causing my eczema to become so much worse all of a sudden and to simply treat it with topical steroids. I made an appointment with Srinika. I feel and look like myself again, am sleeping well again, and feel much healthier. I can’t underscore enough what a difference seeing her has made. We initially tried to treat my eczema with changes in diet and acupuncture alone, and while I saw some improvement, my eczema was still fairly bad. We then tried Nutrition Response Testing. I was admittedly skeptical about the test and even about the diagnosis, which was that I had too much mercury in my system. However, within a little over a week of taking the herbs to treat this, my skin started clearing up. It was hard for me to believe how dramatic the improvement was but by the second week, my skin was better than it had been in five months. Nothing else I had tried even came close and I was so glad to finally be treating the root cause of my skin problems instead of just trying to relieve the symptoms. I am so grateful to have found her and would encourage anyone who is having chronic health problems to at least try Nutrition Response Testing out.

— E.D.R.

“I can hear normally and have no ear pain”

The left side of my face was totally paralyzed from Bell’s Palsy. I came to see Srinika approximately one week after coming down with it. I had lots of pain, mostly behind my ear. My vision was blurry and I was unable to blink normally. I had to manually pull down the lid almost all of the time. My speech was garbled due to the fact that I could not move my lips on the left side of my face. It affected my B,P,F,M,S sounds. I could not hold water or food in my mouth, it would drool out the left side of my mouth. I couldn’t chew food on that side either. I could not drink out of a straw. There was no muscle movement to make sucking on a straw possible. The entire left side of my face drooped, especially under my eye. Now my speech is completely back to normal, my eye blinks normally, and I can now retain food and water in my mouth without drooling. My vision has definitely been affected by BP and continues to bother me. I feel better from all of the herbs and supplements. They have definitely help clear my body of toxins.

– A.

“After Srinika’s recommendations and treatment my headaches went away completely”

I was having headaches constantly. After seeing several medical doctors who could not help, she was recommended and I am very thankful for the results. 

– M.M.

“The way I feel now is nothing short of a miracle.”

I was in constant pain and discomfort in my stomach and lower abdomen. I went to the doctor a number of times to see what was wrong. After several ultrasounds and blood tests they could not find anything abnormal. However, I knew I needed to find a resolution to my problem because my stomach issues were interfering with my work and everyday life. At times I felt as if I were going to pass out or throw up. I had sharp cramping and stabbing pains, and I often felt bloated or had no appetite to eat. I feel incredibly better since I have been seeking Nutrition Response Testing from Srinika. I no longer experience the pain, bloating, and fatigue. I feel like a totally different person and am so grateful for the instructions Srinika provided. Taking specific supplements and eating differently has allowed me to feel healthier and happier. I look back to how uncomfortable and almost unbearable it was to be in my body just a few months ago. The way I feel now, being under Srinika’s care, is nothing short of a miracle.

– A.F.

“I feel much lighter in my abdomen, and stronger in my digestion.”

I had digestive trouble. I was struggling day to day and was not sure how to start in addressing the problem. I don’t experience the bloating as long as I avoid certain foods that Srinika helped me identify were causing the bloating.

– E.S.

“More energy, less headaches”

Before: Fatigue, ongoing headaches, mood swings. Now: More energy, less headaches, better mood management.

– M.R.

“I was having the worst allergies I have had in recent memory, both seasonal and to pets/animals.”

Now I have been staying in homes with dogs and cats for the past week, and have only experienced occasional sneezing, which has never happened before.

– J.

“After years of suffering, my allergies are very much under control”

I had lots of allergies — that irritated my throat, either too much mucus, or too dry, producing a cough. My allergies have really improved since Srinika found out that I was sensitive to gluten and chocolate. The improvement is fantastic.

– A.A.

“After years of suffering, my allergies are very much under control”

I was struggling with weight issues and feeling toxic overall. I feel clearly less toxic.

– A.M.

“My shortness of breath also improved”

I was struggling with lack of vocal production. I was singing in a community chorus and had over-sung. Also I work as a physical therapist in a community pool. Srinika found that my liver and some other organs had chlorine toxicity. I also had bouts of spaciness and sleeplessness along with some shortness of breath. But after seeing Srinika my vocal lessons are going well. I am able to sing in the upper register again. My organs seem to be free of the chlorine toxicity. We are still working on getting the remnants of air pollution out of my system. My sleep is starting to get better. I don’t wake so often in the night and I don’t stay awake for long periods of time now. My shortness of breath also improved with this treatment. I was easily able to increase my gym workouts to 50-60 minutes on combination of upright bike, recumbent bike and elliptical machine all without shortness of breath.

– D.E.

“My skin condition gradually went away”

I came to see Srinika for a skin condition on my back and neck that would not go away. Through Nutritional Response Testing, Srinika discovered that the skin condition was due to excess yeast and mercury. I took Mg and yeast clearing supplement for a couple months and the skin condition gradually went away within that time.

– K.H.

“I feel I have experienced a miracle!”

Before seeing Srinika, my right knee was in so much pain I was walking with a limp. I was afraid that something was seriously wrong with it and that I would need to get surgery. The pain would shoot down my shin, making the slightest movement extremely painful. Just after a day of treatment, I noticed a drastic change. Now that I have been following her guidance and taking specific supplements to treat my knee, I feel 100% better. I feel myself again and am in awe of Srinika’s healing powers. I really can’t believe I am now pain free without having to endure surgery!

– A.F.

“I feel so much more energy!”

I was sick a lot, always tired, difficulty with sleeping. I feel dramatically better! Yours is the only treatment I have had, so all of the improvement is due to your help. I feel like a layer of heaviness has lifted from my whole sense of self. My sleep has improved and I am now taking half of the herbs I used to take to get to sleep.

– A.M.

“No ringing in my ears”

I had a dry flaky scalp, would get boils from time to time, frequent ringing in my ears, digestive issues, excessive gas, and allergies. Now I have no boils, digestive issue are rectified, allergic reactions are a lot more manageable, head is a lot less flaky, and no ringing in my ears.

– D.E.

“I went from 2-3 headaches per week to just 1-2 mild headaches per month”

I had 2-3 headaches per week for about 10 years, which occasionally turned into migraines. The headaches had no trigger that I could find, and I had spent the last decade talking with my doctors and trying to figure out what was causing them, with no luck. Eliminating certain foods or drinks from my diet had no effect. Regular pain relievers did not help; the only thing that helped was migraine medication but I did not want to take those drugs often (or ever, really). I had pretty much given up and accepted the reality that I would just have headaches forever and I would have to figure out how to live with them. I began seeing Srinika for acupuncture at the recommendation of my chiropractor, and within a few months my headaches were less frequent. They slowly continued to get fewer and farther between, and over the course of about a year, I went from 2-3 headaches per week to just 1-2 mild headaches per month. Part way through the treatment, Srinika introduced Nutrition Response Testing in addition to the acupuncture, which continued to help reduce my headaches. She was able to pinpoint certain causes, like mercury, and helped me avoid them and also provided herbs to remove lingering toxins from my body.

– E.T.

“The period became normal”

I was having a sudden heavy period and a lightheaded feeling. The period became normal.

— R.K.

“After seeing Srinika, I no longer have stomachaches!”

I have been having stomachaches for 25 years. They could happen at any time, but often happened when I would get hungry. Once they started, the only solution would be to go to bed until they were gone. I have been stomachache free for over a year now. Srinika treated me using a few different methods: acupressure near my liver, acupuncture, Chinese herbs to treat H. pylori, and Nutrition Response Testing. I am not sure which treatment ultimately solved my stomachaches, but Srinika kept working on these different techniques until my stomachaches had gone away.

– A.W.

“Srinika was able to unravel and successfully treat imbalances and underlying complications in my body.”

I had escalating gastrointestinal problems that had been unsuccessfully diagnosed and treated through Western doctors, probiotics, elimination diets, and even hospital emergency room visits. Though I wasn’t admitting it to myself, it was uncomfortable, if not painful and crippling, to digest almost every meal that I ate. Srinika has changed my life. Srinika defined the source of the ailment in a way that no one else had. Through simple nutritional suggestions, a specific course of enzymes, and bi-weekly acupuncture, my gastrointestinal symptoms have almost entirely subsided. I no longer have daily stomach pain and am thrilled to be able to enjoy almost any food in front of me.

– L.O.

“My symptoms have greatly reduced.”

I was experiencing very severe allergy symptoms including running/itchy nose, watery eyes, and very intense and painful sinus pressure in my brain. There were days that the pain was so severe I felt like my head was going to explode. After seeing Srinika, my symptoms have greatly reduced.

– A.