Your First Acupuncture or Biomagnetics Visit

Your initial consult consists of two visits:  the first visit is an evaluation of  your basic health history and detailed inquiry into your specific condition. I will assess your pulse and tongue  to formulate a clear picture of any underlying problems. We then proceed to an acupuncture or biomagnetics along with any other beneficial therapies. Treatments are very relaxing and people often feel subtle shifts taking place in their bodies. Many people feel a mild euphoria after a session, and a sense of rejuvenation for a while afterward.

Your First Visit at Srinika Healing in San Francisco, CA

At this point, we will schedule a follow up  visit.  During this visit, I will present a return of findings as to what are the key areas of imbalance, and a detailed treatment plan to plot the course of getting better.  This includes a suggested course of treatment, as well as dietary, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations. I may recommend additional therapies such as  bodywork, cold laser, or cupping.  For some people, I do recommend adding Nutrition Response Testing in addition to their treatments.  This is usually when we are dealing with a chronic or stubborn health issue.  You will leave this visit with a plan of what is needed to make a full recovery.

Prior to your first visit, I ask that you print, fill out, and bring in a signed consent form, the new patient intake form, and the symptom survey form.  If you are unable to fill out these forms before coming in, please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled first appointment to do so in the office.